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FREELANCERS #5 - 05/03/23


Hope you enjoyed the piratey story in the last newsletter. It's a lot of fun building up bits and pieces of the Aesteria universe to revisit and incorporate later.


Speaking of short stories, I'm thinking of investigating fantasy/sci-fi magazines and other publications to submit some short form content to. Let me know if you subscribe to any I should check out.

Progress Update

A mini-brainstorming session turned into a full character workup and plot outline for a Cowboy Bebop inspired quadrilogy about a crew of bounty hunters who team up to take down a whole noble line that's been marked for death. Whenever I have ideas in my head, I have to strike while the iron's hot and get them out or they'll bug me. Unfortunately, this lends itself to starting more things when I should be finishing what I have on the go.

I'm closing in on a finished new cover for Inglorious Resurrection. I know all the advice online says just pay a designer to do my covers for me, but I'm stubborn enough to throw myself into the trials and hardships of learning and doing it myself. Part of the whole experience for me is crafting and sharing my vision in its entirety.


Having said that, I'd happily off-load lots or all of the marketing work, ha ha ha. I hear lots of author advice saying the best marketing is just writing more books, so that works for me (alongside a reasonable amount of promos and things, obviously).


Here's a WIP of the Book 1 paperback cover so far. It's missing the barcode, more detail and battle damage on the armour and weapons, and I might toy with shifting Seth's colour to match the flames instead of being gray, but the core elements are in.

Let me know what you think!

I'm taking a break from Bookfunnel promos this month, but I'd like to mention my lovely and supportive wife's work. She's an amazing and talented yoga teacher who's helped me a ton with stretches, poses and exercises to help my achy, tense, sits too much body. If you're looking to improve your health and general fitness, I highly recommend checking out what she offers. She designed her practice to be as approachable as possible.


Click the image below and check it out!

If you have any questions or comments for me, go ahead and reply to this newsletter, email me at or message me on twitter at I'm open to feedback or suggestions on the newsletter as well.


Also, if you've read my books or others, please leave them a review on appropriate sites like distributors, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc. It makes a big difference.


Thanks very much for reading. I'll send something fun on the 15th. Have a good one. 



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