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FREELANCERS #31 - 06/03/24


Hope you liked that adventure with Skara and the gang last month. Was a lot of fun to develop and write. Once again, things ballooned into me thinking I could write a whole series with these people. Might just be a novella here and there, though. Too many ideas for writing goodness. Either way, part 2 of that tale with the Howling Scars coming on the 15th.

I have a very short update and some Bookfunnel giveaways.


Also, Happy Pride :D

Progress Update

Apologies if I'm a little loopy. Plague has come to our house.

10 points if you know where this image is from. Been an extra slow month since a stubborn cold has been circulating around the household. The illness got staggered between my pregnant wife, my daughter, and finally made its way to me :(. Doing my best to build some resilience and write through it, but gotta balance that with taking it easy so I can heal.

Have also been doing lots of prep and manual labour around the house for the new kiddo who's due next month. I'm trying to enjoy as much summer time as possible when it's just the three of us, since soon there will be 4 and the dynamic's going to change. I'm very much looking forward to meeting this new person, but it's important to enjoy every stage in life while it lasts. Can't swim in the same river twice, as they say.


 Took some time to develop the Howling Scars and a possible series about rogue spies trying to stop a galactic conspiracy, but will return to writing Volume 1 of Nexus 99. Want to release something this year and I need to get as much done before the new kid comes.

I've joined three Bookfunnel giveaways this month after taking a little break from them. Please click all the links below and take a peek!

Before you go, here's some complimentary angles. (Just a goof, not a link. Also, I didn't make the meme, apologies for the spelling mistake)

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If you've read my books or others, please leave a rating or review on appropriate sites like distributors, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc. I'd very much appreciate it.


Thanks very much for reading. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Howling Scars' relic hunting adventure on the 15th.

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