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FREELANCERS #29 - 05/03/24


Hope you liked the first chapter of the new series. I'm looking forward to leaning into the comedy and fill each story with great laughs on top of character development and fun mysteries.


I have a short progress update, results of the cover contest, and a spoiler-free chat about the Fallout show.

Progress Update

Still chugging away at First Impressions. Progress is slow as we've got another baby on the way and need to prepare. So I've had less time to focus and write. Trying to get in as much quality time with just the 3 of us before there's a 4th. Should at least have this book done and released before the end of the year.


I might investigate putting these chapters up on Wattpad or some other serial publication where it can find a wider audience. Do you have any experience with Wattpad? Is it any good?


Am also contemplating recording an audiobook for Phoenix Company. It'll be fun to do my best impressions of all the characters, but I'll have to decide whether it's just an audiobook, or a more bombastic audio drama with music, sound effects, and all the fixings. Let me know if that's something you'd be interested in hearing.

That cover contest I joined for Inglorious Resurrection on turned out some pleasing results. I ranked #35 out of over 100. Most of those votes came from strangers who visited the site, saw the cover and gave it a thumbs up. It's very encouraging since all the research I did about cover art highly discouraged doing it yourself. So getting a positive reception like this is good reinforcement that my efforts are worthwhile.


Thanks very much if you voted. I appreciate it

Between Fallout, Shogun and X-Men '97, there's been a glut of quality shows to watch. Sadly, they're coming to a close :(


I finished watching the Fallout TV show on Prime last night. Overall, it was very good. Definitely felt engaged and wanted to know more whenever I finished an episode. Had one hell of an opener. The actors knocked it out of the park and everyone really captured Fallout's vibe. There's a good bit of comic relief and goofiness from a world gone mad mixed with darker themes and some of the hard-hitting themes about people in the post-apocalypse. Possibly too dark or cynical, but that's a whole other discussion.


It's very refreshing to see more solid shows based on video game franchises. Hopefully, the trend continues and more settings get the chance to be enjoyed by a wider audience.


I've played a good bit of Fallout 3 and New Vegas, so I had a decent amount of setting knowledge going in. They made some odd choices with the lore, but anyone who doesn't have that baggage can just enjoy.


Kudos to the set designers and location scouts. The environments were amazing. They really captured the feel of venturing out into the wasteland like you do in the games. Big shoutout to the music as well. Those old classics are part of Fallout's DNA.


As for X-Men '97, that show is exceptionally well written, but they almost go too hard, I feel. This ain't street level X-Men for sure. I'm still reeling from episode 7 :O

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Thanks very much for reading. I'll have the first chapter of Nexus 99's opening volume on the 15th. Have a good one.

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