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FREELANCERS #11 - 08/03/23


Hope you enjoyed the last short story. It's the first of three parts that you'll get over the next two months. Please check out the Newsletter Archive link at the bottom of this email if you've missed any of the previous stories.


Today, I have a fun progress update, links to free books on Bookfunnel, and my thoughts on The Witcher Netflix show.

Progress Update

I feel like a broken record, but I'm in the final stretch of releasing Inglorious Resurrection wide and in paperback. I had a surreal moment as I received the author proof from Amazon today. Hasn't really sunk in yet, but there's something to holding the book you spent all this time crafting in your hands. Please ignore the absolute mess of baby toys in the background. That spot had good natural light.

I'm 90-95% happy with it. Just need to squeeze some text in about a half centimetre or so, then maybe lighten up Seth's face. I want his eyes to pop more, but I got some feedback for a previous version that it was too much. I suppose there's a point where my desire to have the pop of bright colour might confuse people into thinking he's a World of Warcraft Death Knight or something.

The last few hurdles are mostly technical stumbles on my part dealing with ISBN issues, minor goofs on my part, and bouncing messages back and forth with customer service on Draft2Digital. I'm learning a lot from the mistakes, but it does get a little tiring. I know I have marketing to do as well, but I mostly just want to hit publish and move on to write more.


All in all, I'll hopefully have Inglorious Resurrection released wide by the end of the month.

Lost Souls, Book 1.5 in the Phoenix Company series is in the final stages of proofreading. It'll get one more editing readthrough, cover art, then a release when it's ready. It's too early to show, but I think I have a pretty striking image for the cover. Will reveal it when it's presentable.

Beyond that, been doing some background work on a separate series. That pre-production, brainstorming part of my brain needs an outlet. It'll be dieselpunk fantasy, so WW1-interwar-WW2 level technology with things like airships and mechs next to griffins and dragons. First set of stories will take a lot of inspiration from Indiana Jones and The Mummy (1999) to set up for an epic war arc akin to Band of Brothers. I'm excited to share more details when I can, but it should be tons of fun.


Let me know if that sounds interesting and I might bump it up the ever-growing list things I want to write. I don't think I'll ever abandon Phoenix Company, but some diversity on my shelf feels like a good idea.

I signed up for some more Bookfunnel promotions this month. Please click the 2 buttons below and check them out. I'd really appreciate it. Got some neat looking books on there to download.

In other media news, I finished season 3 of The Witcher. That series is a bizarre rollercoaster. I really liked season 1 and thought the small changes they made to Yennefer's backstory and Geralt's personality were improvements on the original story. Season 2 went off the rails and it felt like even the actors were a little thrown off by it. It still had some great character moments, especially with Geralt and Ciri, but mostly it was pretty meh. I was going to give it up, but sat through season 3 to see where they went with it. It was even more uninspired overall than season 2, but I feel like I got whiplash from them returning hard to the events from the books in the last few episodes.


I played the games (Witcher 3 is easily in my top 5 of all time) and read a bunch of the books. My main takeaway from the Netflix Witcher series is that showrunners need to be clear and concise with the direction they want to take an adaptation. Expectations are important to set and maintain with beloved franchises.


There's definitely room for change in modernizing and adapting to screen, and I'm all for freedom with creator's intent. But there's also a point where you're just hijacking a recognizable name and running away with it if you go too hard into doing your own thing at the expense of the core material. If they wanted to do something different, they should have made something unique and say it was inspired by The Witcher.

I heard rumours that the show might get canned indefinitely between Cavill leaving, the various union strikes and low viewership. So I think that's it for the show. I'd be curious to hear what really went on behind the scenes and know why they made the decisions they made. Of course, as a chronic and obsessive plotter, I'm biased about these things.


Did you watch the Witcher? Feel free to reply and let me know what you thought.

If you have any questions or comments for me, go ahead and reply to this newsletter, email me at or message me on Twitter (I also opened a Mastodon account in case the blue bird (or X or some such silliness) implodes: I'm open to feedback or suggestions on the newsletter as well.


If you've read my books or others, please leave them a review on appropriate sites like distributors, Goodreads, Bookbub, etc. It makes a big difference.


Thanks very much for reading. More fun stories coming on the 15th. Have a good one.




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