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Animated cover by the talented Morgan Wright 
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My name's G.C.Camacho. I'm an independent author currently working on a series of character-focused novels set in a fantasy sci-fi universe I've created called Aesteria.


I'm pleased to announce that the second book in the series:

Phoenix Company - Lost Souls

is now available! Click the images below to join in the fun.

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Enter Aesteria

An Exciting, Unique Fantasy Sci-Fi Universe!

A galaxy of mystery, magic, conflict and hope. In the Age of Wonder, the Ancients ruled wondrous civilizations spanning the length and breadth of the known stars. They weaved magic and technology together seamlessly to forge empires undreamed of. Then came the Pulse. An electromagnetic event originating in the centre of the galaxy that shut off every electrical device and disrupted the flows of magic. Everything that people relied on to live became inert in an instant. Thus began the Age of Dark Reclamation.

After 21,000 years, inexplicably, the lights turned back on. This ushered in the Age of Illumination. Those that survived are still rebuilding over 3000 years later. With most of the Ancients long gone, new empires ruled by mortals sprung forth. They spread their influence across the stars, often using technology they didn't fully understand. Many cultures remain a mix of concepts futuristic, modern and medieval.

Now, in the Age of Determination, the galaxy is full of all manner of intermingled, sapient species. Every soul struggles to use what they have to make their way in life as best they can.

  • These tales are a mix of grounded, relatable, personal struggles, fantastic sights and exciting action.

  • As a mashup of fantasy and science fiction, you'll see knights in power armour swinging vibra-blades, elven rangers aiming beam rifles, plant-based Zyldari journalists, orkish politicians, aethereal mages, sprigg courtiers and rock-man botanists. The social fabric of the galaxy is inclusive and diverse. Every sapient being has hopes, dreams, needs, wants, pains and struggles. There are no aliens, only people.

  • Each story in Aesteria will be self-contained enough to be enjoyed on its own, but following them all will immerse you in the characters' lives as they navigate this wondrous universe.

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